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about me

I am a singer-songwriter with my eyes firmly set on the prize of becoming one of the hottest talents today.

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How my passion for music developed

My love for music developed at a really young age when I was enrolled in dance classes. I had always enjoyed music and dance so I started to explore different styles of dances over the years, which resulted in also exploring different music genres as well. Overall I might have danced 10 different styles of dances over the years if not more. At the age of 10, I had found my true passion, singing. I had always enjoyed singing as I could express my feelings through songs which was found to be handy because I was going through a lot since the beginning of life and singing became my remedy.

When I turned 14 I had started taking singing lessons to learn about singing techniques and improve. It was then that I found my passion in life and career choice. I worked hard to improve and today still work extremely hard to improve every single day. My music career officially started at 15 as I signed a production deal with MMI Music. Within 6 months I was offered a management deal by DJL London and secured my first record deal with ToCo International on my 16th Birthday.